In addition to the mandatory training required to obtain an SIA license, which all UK security staff must already have by law, all of our security dog handlers also hold additional qualifications for dog handling from a number of industry recognised governing bodies such as NASDU, NTIPDU, and BIPDT.

All handlers are also qualified in first aid, and are fully insured.

At Kent Security Dogs LTD, our dogs, and those of the security dog handlers that we supply, are the foundation of our business and therefore very valued and well cared for.  All are trained to a minimum standard, and never stop training, both for improvement, and in order to monitor performance, to ensure we are continually providing the best security dogs in Kent.  We use a variety of breeds, but primarily dogs such as German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) are favoured.  The welfare of our dogs is paramount to us and always at the forefront of our handlers minds.