There are a magnitude of reasons why you should have security dogs providing your security in Kent...

Dogs offer an unparalleled deterrent value, and often their presence on-site alone is enough to deter most criminal activity, such as theft, vandalism, and other anti-social behaviors.  For times when that is not enough, security dogs have amazing detection abilities, which enables our handlers to be alerted to any intruders or unwanted activity on site, and swiftly deal with the situation, saving you time and money!

Due to the constant continuation training undertaken by both our security dog handlers and their security dogs, you can rest assured your business or property is in the hands of a highly trained, competent professional.


We only operate within the South East, providing security dog handlers in Kent and the surrounding areas, but there are very few applications that we would deem unsuitable for our security dogs & security dog handlers in Kent.  Even remote locations with limited facilities or busy areas with lots of public traffic are perfectly fine.  Our security dog handlers in Kent, modify their handling practices to suit the task in hand.  However, tasks that require significant involvement and engagement from the handler may be deemed less suitable as a primary use of our security dog & handler teams, i.e. Door supervisor duties, parking enforcement, & other heavily customer focused roles.

We will always do our best to offer a bespoke service tailored for your individual application when possible, so if unsure, why not give us a call or email today, to see how we can assist you with your requirements.


We are passionate about security (and dogs!), and we pride ourselves on the quality of the service, and services we provide.  Reputation means a lot to us and being a young company we have a lot to prove which we are fully committed to doing, and thus we are continually striving to be the best we can possibly be.

Our rates are extremely competitive, and our service high quality.  With fully tailored packages to suit all needs.