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An introduction to Kent Security Dogs LTD

Welcome to our blog!

Our little space to put the world to rights!

Focusing on Kent Security Dogs LTD as a business, and the private security industry as a whole, we will discuss our achievements, goals, concerns and thoughts.

Feel free to get involved.

We are Kent Security Dogs LTD.

A Kent based private security company, serving the south east region.

We provide security dog handlers and static security guards throughout Kent and the south east region, as well as a mobile patrol service.

Our mobile patrol service is limited to the Ashford, Kent area (inc. immediate surroundings), in order to provide a continually high quality service with guaranteed response times.

Kent Security Dogs LTD was founded in 2017, by directors with over a decade of experience in the private security industry.

The motivation for forming Kent Security Dogs LTD followed several bad experiences as employee's of other (unscrupulous) security companies, and the firm belief that we could do it better on our own.

And so we were born!

We have clear aims and visions.

That is to provide a high quality, cost effective and competitive service, whilst remaining fair to our employees...Fair wages. Fair terms. Fair expectations. Fair welfare.

Its simple.

We achieve this in a number of ways.

We are not a national company. We only provide our services to the south east region ensuring we can provide a high quality service, always.

We pay our staff fairly, on average £1-2p/h more than our competitors, whilst our prices remain low. Our profit margin is less, and we work harder for it...just the way it should be.

We are not afraid to say NO! - IF we don't think we can provide you our services to the high quality standard we adhere to, then we will kindly decline, rather than taking your money and providing a sub-standard service.

And finally, we only provide 3 main services...Security dog handlers, static security guards, and our Ashford, Kent based mobile patrol service...Preferring to focus on our strengths, rather that providing an all encompassing, but poorer quality service.

And that's us...Kent Security Dogs Ltd. Providing security dog handlers, static guards, and mobile patrols, across the south east.


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