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How can Kent Security Dogs LTD help you?

These days, the world can seem a pretty hostile place. We don't want to do any "fear-mongering", but the latest figures available, from the 2017 Commercial Victimisation Survey do not make for terribly great reading.

The findings show statistically significant increases in prevalence rates compared with the previous year, in many categories such as theft, burglary, violent crime, vandalism & arson.

Being the victim of such crimes is not just stressful....its costly too! Figures from the Home Office's latest report - "The economic and social costs of crime", published July 2018, estimate the cost of crime against businesses to be just under £9bn!

That is where we can help you, and/or your business.

Kent Security Dogs LTD has an excellent track record of deterring, preventing and dealing with the types of crime we are statistically most likely to experience such as violence, theft, criminal damage and arson.

It's simple really. We care.

We spend the time needed to formulate a robust bespoke security solution for each and every job, ensuring we are as effective as possible. We consider the individual requirements and needs of each client and tailor our packages to suit. It might be one of our professional security dog handlers...or a whole team, or perhaps our Ashford, Kent based mobile patrol service would be a better fit.

Whatever your needs may be, we will accurately assess them to identify your weaknesses & areas of improvement. Then, along with information from any recent incidents and available local data, we can supply you with the most effective package we can offer, both in terms of quality and cost.

All you need to do is contact us!

01233 699901/07387719152


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