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Subcontracting - Our thoughts

If you are a security company thinking of contacting us regarding subcontracting of work, please read carefully.

Far too many security companies today, are taking on contracts they have no way of fulfilling, and often in secret, subcontracting this work out to any Tom, Dick, and Harry Ltd, that will do it....after taking their cut of course!

But wait! Its even worse that that.

The companies taking on these subcontracts often can't fulfil either, and end up subcontracting it out again, and again, taking a cut each time.

The effect of this is low standards to reflect the low end wages.

There is also a potentially significant risk to security as this chain of companies forms and certain processes, checks, and due diligence go out the window.

Well, NOT at Kent Security Dogs LTD.

We don't do subcontracting. In or out. We will never sub out our contracts and we will never work subcontracted by another company.

This practise is having a decidedly negative effect on our industry and we will not be a part of it!

So if you are another security company, looking for a bail-out from us, on a contract you can't honour, look elsewhere.


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